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The Orafresh & Orafresh Pickleen 2 Tongue Cleaner.
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Dental Offices/Breath Treatment Centers:

We provide our tongue cleaners to Dentists across the country and Internationally. Dentists have been using OraFresh® as their halitosis treatment of choice for years, and now, we are happy to fill large or bulk orders for any of our products at special pricing. If you want the best tongue cleaner for your office please call our office or email us to place your order.

  • Call (888)749-4553 - toll free US
  • Call (410)956-3300 - International
  • Fax  (410)956-3400
  • E-mail orafresh@orafresh.com
  • Address:
    PO Box 6702
    Annapolis MD 21041

Having the OraFresh® Tongue Cleaner in your dental office is the right choice for a quick and easy way to treat a case of bad breath. OraFresh® has been praised by dentists across the country, and now it is time you and your patients find out why OraFresh® is the best tongue cleaner on the market. Make OraFresh® available to your patients who suffer from halitosis and bad breath. Even if you have used other tongue cleaners before, our testimonials show that OraFresh® is superior in design, comfort and ease of use.

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