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How To Use
If you are looking for methods on ‘How to Clean your Tongue’ look no further than OraFresh ® the best tongue cleaner/tongue scraper on the market.   
The OraFresh®Tongue Cleaner is easy, quick, and convenient to use:


Perform the following procedure twice daily:

  1. Extend your tongue out as far as you can and place the ridged edge of the tongue cleaner on the very back of the tongue (where you will typically see a small cluster of small bumps). Press down firmly while drawing the tongue cleaner forward over the surface of the tongue.

  2. Rinse the tongue cleaner of debris and scrape the tongue again, back to front, 2-3 more times to remove the white coating on your tongue.

  3. Afterwards, rinse your mouth with water and in severe cases use the Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide breath spray.  

If you clean your tongue before you go to bed (ideally after brushing your teeth), you will find that you can significantly reduce the bitter taste of "morning breath" when you wake up the next day. And it only takes about 15 seconds to use - THAT'S 15 SECONDS TO FRESHER BREATH!  

And remember:

  • Brushing the tongue with a toothbrush is not nearly as effective as scraping the tongue with a specially designed device, such as the OraFresh® Tongue Cleaner. Medical studies have shown that using a tongue scraper reduces volatile sulfur compounds by an average of 75%, while simply brushing reduces these compounds by an average of only 25%. A toothbrush is also more likely to induce the gag reflex. By using the best tongue cleaner – the OraFresh® you will be using the best bad breath treatment available!  
  • Brushing only redistributes the plaque from one part of the tongue to another, it does not remove it.
Learning how to clean your tongue with the OraFresh® is important in taking advantage of the best bad breath treatment available.
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