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Find out what the experts are saying about tongue cleaning.

I have been a practicing dental hygienist for 28 years and have personally used and recommended the Orafresh Pickleen Tongue Cleaner since 2000. It have the perfect width and firmness to properly clean the tongue gently, but effectively. I cannot brush my teeth without scraping my tongue afterward or my mouth doesn’t feel clean! I tell my patients that I am addicted to it!

Kathleen C., Registered Dental Hygienist, New York

I want to thank you for making such an impression on my dental patients. Every time I introduce an Orafresh Tongue Scraper to my patients, they are amazed to see what comes off their tongues. You have enabled me and my fellow dental hygienists at Dr. Miller and Dr. Korn’s the best tool to control bad breath (halitosis) and to deplaque the tongue. I have been told by several patients that no one ever told them how important it is to clean their tongues. They ask for your product by name.

Ann Marie, Certified Registered Dental Hygienist, Florida

There is a vast array of styles and designs of tongue cleaners in the market place. The simplistic design of the Orafresh tongue cleaner is the most effective we have tried. We have patients place their index finger directly on the blade, and used in the manner (rather then just holding the handle) they are better able to control the pressure applied. My father (Dr. Eric Katkow, DDS) and I have used them for patients and personally for many years, and will continue to do so.

Dr. Larry Katkow DDS, Columbia, MD

Great product and great service! An excellent tool for effective home care. I highly recommend the Orafresh Tongue Cleaner.

Dr. Edmund Padlackas DDS, Chicago, IL

Our office absolutely loves the OraFreshTongueCleaner! We hand them out to every new patient and encourage them to practice great oral hygiene by keeping their tongue clean with the OraFresh Tongue Cleaner. The OraFresh Tongue Cleaner is especially loved by our patients with a sensitive gag
reflex as it doesn't trigger the dreaded reaction. Thank you OraFresh for this
amazing product!

Dr Poth, Poth Family Dentisrty, Wisconsin

We have been ordering from Orafresh for 10 years and have had nothing  but the best experience with them. We trust their product and our  patients love it. We wouldn't recommend anything else.

Dr Bryan Berry’s Office, Hygenist Vida, Florida

I wanted to let you know that I have used the Pickleen 2 for 10 days now and am very happy with the results. I threw out all the other tongue scapers purchased at local stores because they did not work half as well as this product. I am amazed at how well and easy it is to use. I definitely will continue to buy them and recommend them to other family and friends as well as my dental office. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Trace, Spoke, Washington

My dentist recommended I use a tongue scraper. The one she gave me was an enourmous rounded shoehorn thing. I worked ok, but I couldn’t scrape my tongue without choking. Ridiculous, I tossed it after a month. The Pickleen2 is the perfect size with the extra toothpick on the end for cleaning my bridgework.

Edward U. Boca Raton, FL

Orafresh is great- I can’t believe its been around for so long. I had NO idea. You really need to get the word out. I bought the family pack and immediately noticed a change in the feel of my tongue and the freshness of my breath, hours after I left the house. I’ll be back for more.

Chris E. Maryland

I have been using the Pickleen2 for a little over a year now. I love it! I have not had any cavities at either of my 6 month dental appointments. I find that I do not use gum or mints as often since I feel much more confident with my breath. I highly recommend this product!

Sally S. NY NY

........According to r.Robert I. Kaplan, a periodontist with Long Island Periodontics and Implantology in Great Neck and Wantagh.... says use a tongue scraper in the morning and evening. One device, the Orafresh Tongue Cleaner is recommended by many dentists, because it has a miniature rake at the end that acts like a squeegee, and it can reach far back on the tongue. Kaplan says a chlorine dioxide rinse is also effective, because it kills the bacteria that cause bad breath.  


Orafresh Tongue Cleaner by far are the most effective way to clean the tongue, resulting in a healthier oral environment, thus decreasing bad breath. Our patients love them!

Robert Heck. DDS


 Orafresh could really be called "Orasimple"  because it's simple to use, simple to clean and simple to replace, especially in contrast to similar products.  Every day I appreciate how this ingeniously-designed little tool makes having a fresh breath and a clean mouth feel easy and effortless.

Mark Dobrovosky

 Great product and great service!  An excellent tool for effective home care.  I highly recommend Orafresh tongue cleaners. 

Edmund V Padleckas, DDS

 These are by far the best tongue cleaners. We researched many companies, designers and found Orafresh to be the absolute best.  Easy to use and clean, long lasting, and very economical.  Our patients love them.  Thanks Orafresh



Dear Dr. PottiWe recently purchased several of your OraFresh Tongue Cleaners and you kindly gave us one child-size one with a ganesh elephont on it.  (thank you -It's nice to have extra good luck with our tongue cleaner).

We are writing to say that we have never felt our mouths to be as clean as they are now that we are using your tongue cleaner.  My dentist in Manhattan introduced me to it.  He gave me one and said he felt it was the best one on the market and I must agree with him, having tried 2 other kinds, including a widely advertised one. 

We wish you all the best with your product.

Carol J.

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